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Stump Removal 


Stump Removal 

Arrowdale Enterprises specalizes in stump removals. Our focus is to provide our customers with the best service available to make there home improvement dreams become a reality. 

We believe the best method  is to completely remove the stump. 

Stumps can be an eye sore in your yard, will start to decay and attract insects


  • Stump removal completely removes the stump from the ground  using an excavator. They start by loosing the soil around the stump, and continue to pull at the roots until the stump is free. 

  • This allows the stump to be completely removed-Not leaving behind any roots or messy wood chips that could prevent grass from growing. 

  • Using the excavator an operator will shake off as much soil from the roots of the stump to fill the hole, bring in top soil if need be

  • They will then insure the ground is level, completing the job by raking the top soil, and spreading grass seed if desired 


Why Stump removal is our preferred method vs Stump Grinding: 

Why we prefer Stump Removal Vs. Stump Grinding 

 Stump Grinding uses a powerful blade to rub into the wood until it is level with the ground. As the grinder spins it reduces the stump into wood chips. 

The final result is an unsightly appearance of messy wood chips and the remaining roots, which can prevent grass from growing


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